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 Status and How it Works...

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PostSubject: Status and How it Works...   Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:59 pm

Status is quite an important part of kindred society, allowing you to manipulate certain situations that may arise in the court. More on that in a moment, first you need to know how you can get Status.

Status can be gained, or lost, in a number of ways, the most common being:

The Prince may give your character an appointment, or revoke a previously awarded appointment, as a Court Officer (Seneschal, Keeper of the Elysium, Primogen etc.)

The Prince can award, or strip, Status to another Kindred by succeeding at their own Status roll. Any Kindred may contest with their own Status, unless they are on the receiving end of the attempt.

Harpies can award, or strip, Status to another Kindred by succeeding at their own Status roll. Any Kindred may contest with their own Status. This can be done only once a night (in-game) and must be done within a gathering of Kindred.

Kindred may use their Status to combat other Kindred, including the Prince and Harpies, in their social attempts or politiking.

Using Status
The dice pool to reflect the use of Status is Charisma+Status when attempting to award Status or agree with a Status action attempted by another character, or Manipulation+Status when attempting to strip Status or oppose a Status action attempted by another character. The difficulty is always 8.

This may only be done within court, or within a gathering of kindred. The attempt must also have some appropriate comment from the character as to why the roll is happening. Be wary of doing this, as it means that your character is publicly announcing their intentions and may suffer retribution from opposing parties.
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Status and How it Works...
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