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 Influence and How it Works...

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PostSubject: Influence and How it Works...   Sun Sep 13, 2009 10:00 pm

There are two methods that can be applied using Influence. They differ slightly in how they work mechanically. The first use is referred to as Direct, the second is referred to as Indirect, and they work in the following manner:

Direct - Roll = Manipulation+Influence - diff 6
As it's name suggests, Direct use of Influence involves a character becoming personally involved with the situation by making a telephone call, writing a letter/email, sending a text message, or any other method of communication that originates with the character, except for those mentioned below in Indirect.

The character is directly applying their influence, so the difficulty is reduced.

Due to the direct nature, a botch will have a serious negative effect, which could include loss of Influence, or public exposure.

Indirect - Roll = Wits+Influence - diff 8
Indirect use of Influence involves going through a third party, such as an Ally, Contact, or Retainer. Needless to say, the request still comes from the character, but applying it via one of the avenues mentioned can make it appear more subtle.

Tracing the use back to the character is more difficult due to third party involvement.

Because of the "non-personal" nature, the difficulty is increased.
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Influence and How it Works...
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