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An online Vampire: The Masquerade Play By Post roleplaying game set in White Wolf's World of Darkness
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Game Date: Friday 14th June 2013
Real Time: Monday 16th March 2015 - Friday 3rd April 2015
Weather Report: Cloudless night, Cold with light rain

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 Rolling Dice and Botches...

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PostSubject: Rolling Dice and Botches...   Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:29 pm

Reposted here for clarification:

How to Play Hollow Bridge wrote:
Rolling Dice
Players are responsible for rolling their own dice. In order to roll dice, you need to "Reply" to a topic. A screenshot of the "Reply" screen is below:

The arrow on the image points to where the Dice Roller can be activated. There are two boxes. The first is a "drop-down" box, where you need to select the type of dice to be rolled (Vampire the Masquerade uses d10). Once you have selected the type of dice to be rolled, you need to input how many dice are to be rolled in the next box. If you need to make more than one roll at once, you can click the "+" button to add another roll.

Please remember to input some form of text to say what the roll is for. Examples:

Physical Actions
Climbing [Dexterity + Athletics]
Driving [Dexterity/Wits + Drive]
Hunting for Blood [Perception + Herd]
Intrusion [Dexterity/Perception + Security]
Jumping [Strength or Strength + Athletics for a running jump]
Lifting/Breaking [Strength]
Opening/Closing [Strength]
Pursuit [Dexterity + Athletics/Drive]
Shadowing [Dexterity + Stealth/Drive]
Sneaking [Dexterity + Stealth]
Swimming [Stamina + Athletics]
Throwing [Dexterity + Athletics]

Mental Actions
Awakening [Perception, Humanity]
Hacking [Intelligence/Wits + Computer]
Investigation [Perception + Investigation]
Recognising Vampires [Wits + Occult]
Repair [Dexterity/Perception + Crafts]
Research [Intelligence + Academics/Occult/Science]
Tracking [Perception + Survival]

Social Actions
Carousing [Charisma + Empathy]
Credibility [Manipulation/Perception + Subterfuge]
Fast-Talk [Manipulation + Subterfuge]
Interrogation [Manipulation + Empathy/Intimidation]
Violent interrogation [Strength/Manipulation + Intimidation]
Intimidation [Strength/Manipulation + Intimidation]
Oration [Charisma + Leadership]
Performance [Charisma + Performance]
Seduction [variable]

Close Combat [Use Dexterity + Brawl (unarmed) or Dexterity + Melee (armed)]
Ranged Combat [Use Dexterity + Firearms (guns) or Dexterity + Athletics (thrown weapons)]

Damage [Strength/Strength + Modifier/Weapon Damage]
Damage Resistence [Stamina + Fortitude (if applicable)]

The rulebook defines a botch as a dice roll that yields no successes, and at least a single 1. That is not the interpretation for Hollow Bridge. A botch occurs when all of your successes are cancelled out by 1's and there are still 1's remaining.

Example: Narcissa attempts to alter her appearance, and rolls 10, 5, 3, 4, 7, 1, 1, 1, 1. Since her difficulty is 6, she has 2 successes. These are cancelled by two of the 1's, leaving two more 1's. This means her result is a botch.

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Rolling Dice and Botches...
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