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An online Vampire: The Masquerade Play By Post roleplaying game set in White Wolf's World of Darkness
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Game Date: Friday 14th June 2013
Real Time: Monday 16th March 2015 - Friday 3rd April 2015
Weather Report: Cloudless night, Cold with light rain

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 Dice Pools - Untrained...

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PostSubject: Dice Pools - Untrained...   Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:54 pm

If you are called upon to make a roll, and find that you have no dots in the ability asked for, you can still attempt the roll with the following penalties to your dice pool:

Talents - No penalty
Skills - 1 die penalty
Knowledges - 2 dice penalty

These penalties cannot reduce your dice pool to less than 1.

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Dice Pools - Untrained...
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