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An online Vampire: The Masquerade Play By Post roleplaying game set in White Wolf's World of Darkness
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Game Date: Friday 14th June 2013
Real Time: Monday 16th March 2015 - Friday 3rd April 2015
Weather Report: Cloudless night, Cold with light rain

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 Timing and Distance...

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PostSubject: Timing and Distance...   Sun Dec 13, 2009 10:14 pm

Following a long look at the way the game ahs been running, I feel it necessary to address a major issue. . . that of timing and distance. In order to do this, I have decided to make each "In Game" evening the equivalent of 10 hours, which divides neatly into 2 hour segments. Obviously, this severely affects the Giovanni and Tremere clans for ritual preparation and duration, as well as Disciplines that have a duration but I feel it is a necessary step.

Also, for the purposes of travelling between the districts, each district now has a time that is required in order to traverse it, from end to end.

City Centre30 mins
Industry10 mins
Lakeside10 mins
Slums20 mins
Southside20 mins
Suburbs15 mins

The times given above are if travelling by some form of motorised transport (Car, Motorcycle etc.) and are not indicative of walking. For the sake of illustration, double all times if walking.

Example: In order to travel from Jerry's Bar (Southside) to the Yacht Club (Lakeside), someone would need to spend 10 minutes to get out of Southside, 15 minutes to travel through the Suburbs, and 5 minutes to get to the Yacht Club, a total of 30 minutes travelling time.

Obviously, this excludes anyone from becoming involved in a time-critical scene within a matter of a round or two. So, if Aaron was wandering through Southside and attacked by a Sabbat Pack, any possible assistance is unlikely to arrive in time to make a difference.

If you could also label your scenes a little more clearly, such as "Streets near Community Hospital" instead of "Slums Streets" it allows for a more accurate passage of time for someone who wishes to become involved in a scene that your character is in.

This idea may need to undergo a revision, but everyone please bear with it while we try it out. I am hoping that this will add an element of realism to the game. I should stress however, that for scenes that are not time-critical, this process will not be employed.

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Timing and Distance...
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